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Now,so many customer want to find a better glue for eyelashes.but also have so many worried about the glue,how to see the glue suitable or not?sure,the best way is try it by yourself.Today,let's us to said the methos expect this method.

For the first,it smell the eyelashes,in fact,the glue don't have aromatics added,have  a little different smell.

Because Pure natural plant extract valerian ,have a little smell is a normal phenomena,but it's not very irrtating.

The second the method is to see the composition table.Are there any superfluous substances added? Here is a list of ingredients for your reference.


On the other hand, because glue is liquid, it needs safety appraisal in air transportation to see if there is safety appraisal. The above aspects can test the quality of glue, but the best way is to try it.

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