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The girl who came to us to do the design said it was a gift she wanted to give to her best friend and an apology. 

The girl said that she was my best friend since childhood. We have been together since we were born. My toys would be given to her to play with and her candies would be given to me to eat. 

I was happy to give her any precious goods if she like.

But today, we had a fight because i asked her if someone I like is handsome,she said just so so. 

After the event, I thought about this question calmly. It was because I was too emotional. I hoped that I could give her a gift and we could be reconciled. 

The designer took a look at their photo and created the fake eyelash style. 

And encourage the girl to say that as long as you are willing to take the initiative to find her, your little sister will be very happy and forgot it.


This style fake lashes are pure handmade  with the real mink fur, this fake lashes length around 12mm. 

The more shorter fake eyelashes more difficult to made the beautiful curves, you can check this fake lashes with the beautiful 3d curves.


Yumenglashes factory, as a mink lash vendors that always keep providing customers with the most beautiful eyelashes, enables every girl to experience beautiful confidence and make beauty more simple. Here, there are some thick long 25mm mink lashes, mink lash packaging ideas, 3d mink lashes, short eyelashes, natural handmade eyelashes, which is the paradise of crazy eyelashes.

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