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Just see the title ,yes today will show a shorter false eyelashes.but different with the normal shorter false eyelashes.This style aslo is a half style and belong to the daily makeup eyelashes series.Let's see this false eye lashes design.yes, you can see from the picture,this one looks very small that very suitable for people who are the small eye and want natural looking.just like me.

This style feature is the cross.the big cross and small cross will make this style have the different layer.mix cross also can make the eye looks more pure.Also have so many customer noted,we use a customized package and small tray.yes, for this series eyelashes.use the small tray can hold and show lashes detail more better.

Let's see the wear effect.Pls see the below picture.this eyelashes even don't have the makeup .also can eaier to hold and have the better effect.that's also why i say very suitable for the people who want natural looking.then see my eye,after wear this style.my eye shape looks more beautiful and the eye looks have the light.very pure.


Yes,from today,i will show more wear effect on the eye to help the customer more better see the wear effect and choose the style.but also want to say.different eye have different wear effect.my eye wear effect just is a reference.if you are interested in realized more about it.It's better order some sample to try by yourself.

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短毛化纤相关产品Yes, this series also have many other beautiful eyelashes style .

If you are interested in see more,pls contact me directly.