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Many customers have told us before that our custom eyelash boxes are mostly in classic colors, such as white, black and gold, which makes the choice very limited.

That’s true mostly customers will choose white to better show off the eyelashes, and use other colors for the rest of the design.In terms of sales and eyelash display, we also support clients to do that.

You can write any information on the back of the mink eyelashes boxes. 

Eyelash Packaging Distributors wholesale

But different markets have different tastes and different market feedback.We accept customers to do your own design of custom eyelashes boxes.

Recently, one of our clients customized an orange eyelash box according to her eyelash brand concept .

Orange stands for sunshine and positive. She said that she wanted all the girls who saw her eyelashes to keep optimistic and smile.

In showing eyelash style and keep the box made a very good fusion between brand concept,meanwhile,this orange customized eyelashes boxes also let me understand the market diversification and inclusive, in addition to better protect eyelash,  sales eyelash, but also for a publicity brand idea.

I can give you some box from eyelash advice, our designer can give you some advice from the color matching, but more importantly, this is  your lashes box, is to belong to your own unique box. 

This eyelashes box is all about your thoughts. 


We can accept the shape, color and design customization, if you have any idea about your eyelash brand, please feel free to contact us to customize the box. 

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