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product descriptionRecently,So many customer ask the eyelash packaging box with the ribbon,So today introuduce a beautiful customized package with the ribbon.Yes,pls see the picture,this package is a magnetic package.and this ribbon use for a special area.just different as we see in the normal ,the normal,ribbon usually use on the front of the package.

Why use this area,this area make the package looks like a glft.when the customer open the package,will have a suprise feel.yes,so many customer eye attractive by the inside glitter.for this glitty,it's ok to choose the different color.meanwhile we also have different special color for your reference,just like Laser Silver.

So many customer want to have the own package with them own color and own logo.want every thing can match.Yes,in there,tell us your idea,we will give you more and more perfect design.

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