Thick Bottom Lashes

Natural Looking Short False Eyelashes Under Lashes UL1002--'Grenoble'

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Do you know the bottom lashes?Yumenglashes bottom lashes will give a new experience!

A pair of bottom lashes with a pair of top lashes is a good match!The bottom lashes make process is very different with the top lashes.even the material choose also different!the bottom lashes material mink fur hair is thin than the top lashes,pls see your own bottom lashes,you will find the bottom lashes is looks thin than the top lashes.

Pls see the picture about the bottom lashes,yes,the bottom lashes Bending direction also aren't same with the top lashes.We also have a special test for the bottom lashes curves.the final effect that you see on the picture is the best curves.The upper eyelash and the lower eyelash will not strike, and the lower eyelash will not obstruct the line of sight.


According to different eye shape,we launch 10 different bottom style,pls check the different style on our website.

3D Mink lashes

3D Mink lashes


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