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Synthetic Lashes
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Recently have some customer ask about the synthetic lashes,in fact our silk lashes is the synthetic lashes.just the name different.In fact,in the begain of the eyelashes appear,so many people use the human hair make the eyelashes,then use the synthetic make the eyelashes.why?becuase in the begain,the huamn hair is more easier material,There is no advanced technology to make chemical fiber。With the technology increasing,the synthetic appear.It's more easier to Stereotype the curves than the human hair.but for those two material,the eyelashes also can't look very natural.so we use a more natural material--mink lashes.


With the mink lashes appear,more and more people love the mink lashes natural effect,also have some people don't like the anmial hair.In order to attachive the more better effect,Based on the original chemical fiber,We increase the material and technology.we use the more better synthetic that extracted from the oli.In this way, the material will be more natural, will not look shiny, and the heat resistance of the material will be better.Meanwhile,we use the make 3d mink lashes technology to make it.so the now 3d silk lashes are appear!!the effect very similar with the 3d mink lashes.

Meanwhile,just like the 3d mink lashes,all of the 3d silk eyelashes,we also pay attension to every detail,pls see this picture,this style D54 detail are very perfect.every small column are very perfect.


For the Synthetic lashes,we also have so many other favorite style,Do you interested?

If you are interested,it's ok to contact me directly.



more product - 副本

Just like you see,we also have many other beautiful eyelashes style.just like different material---mink,silk.

Different length---normal,short and 25mm.


custom feedback

So many customer wear our lashes,they said very beautiful and natural.We believe you have a try,also will fall in love it.