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3D faux mink eyelashes

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So many customer ask me about the 3d faux mink eyelashes,then I will send them our 3d silk eyelashes.They usually think we send wrong.Actually the 3d faux mink eyelash is same as the 3d silk eyelashes.but that’s why?

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So the first question that we need to solve,why the 3d faux mink eyelash was called this name.because the its effect is very similar as the 3d mink eyelash.they also have 3d effect and also very natural.why is faux,because the material is 100% real mink hair,the 3d faux mink eyelash is Chemical fiber.

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Then let’s talk the 3d silk eyelashes,it also have the same 3d effect as the 3d mink lashes and also very natural.the material also is the chemical fiber.

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Now,we believe so many customer will know the 3d faux mink eyelash is same as the 3d silk eyelashes.We also have many beautiful 3d silk eyelashes style,welcome to contact us to get more style.




Do you want to get more different 3D silk fur lashes ?

No problem! there are hundreds of styles for you to choose.

The quality and final effect are all beyond any other silk fur lash and human hair lashes which are selling in the market , our silk fur lashes are so dark and elegant that they instantly make your eyes pop regardless if you have makeup or not!!!

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Every pair of our lashes are pure hand made, workers will have to put each individual fur on the required place one by one. every workers have their own mind for the certain amount, they make the beautiful eyelashes for every lady!