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Why our lashes called silk eyelashes.So many customer ask.Do you know the feature of the silk?

The feature of the silk is the comfortable,Good hygroscopicity and dehumidification.Do you know our silk lashes feature?the feature is comfortable,light ,soft and waterproof.It's very similar as the silk,so we called our lashes name is silk eyelashes.

Some customer think called silk eyelashes,so the lashes should be made by the silk.In face not,the silk lashes material aren't's synthetic.but in order to attach the best effect of lashes,the synthetic that we use are the Extracted from oil.the best material.becuase those synthetic very soft and not to shiny and not easier to the crack.

I said so many word about it.but only the word can't feel how better it is.if you are really interested in.we suggest you can order some sample to try by yourself.In there,don't have the minimum order quantity.

More detail,pls contact us.