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3D synthetic false eyelashes

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what's the 3d synthetic false eyelashes?and how to make it? 

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At the very beginning, the synthetic false eyelashes used by people were not curved and looked very fake. Of course, After 3D mink hair comes out, people have tried to make the synthetic false eyelashes into 3 effects, the former kind of chemical fiber is very fine, in the process of making 3D effect is easier to break, even if continuous cracking, the final 3D effect will not be ideal.

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In making 3D synthetic false eyelashes, we have tried a lot of materials. Everyone knows that silk is very flexible, after many tests, we chose to add silk chemical fiber materials. That is the 3D silk false eyelashes. you see now, which is the inspiration for our naming.

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Every product borned aren't a easier process.It need to many time tried and imagine.but yumenglashes want to magnify our imagination to the extreme.and make more try and effort.Only want to provided the best and beautiful to every woman.

If you're searching for the perfect silk fur extension with natural look and soft material, Yu meng silk fur lashes are superb!  

“love love love these lashes ! They're the perfect natural glam lash which is my go to look. They're so wispy and full but not over the top. Will forever have these babies in my lash stash ! ”------one of our customer's evaluate .

The pictures do no justice, they are even better in real life.

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