Silk Fur Lashes

Private Label 3D Custom Natural Appearance Velour Silk Lashes Review D17--'Greece'

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Would you feel afraid when you first wear mink eyelashes?

I feel very afraid when I first wear mink eyelashes.

I’m afraid to the mink fur.

I'm feeling blue because I don’t have natural false eyelashes.

On occasion,I find silk eyelashes.

I fell in love with silk eyelashes after I wore it.17.jpg

This silk eyelash use the pure natural raw materials.Our silkworm is eating succulent fresh mulberry leaves.We use the silk are all with high flexibility.


Each root of silk lashes through high temperature high pressure disinfection.

We strictly control the production process.


Tears in customers’ eyes when their skin is improved or their makeup on their wedding is exactly what they imagined.

This phenomenon is the most unforgettable for me.

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mink eyelashes.jpg