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Show a short silk lashes style---SD45.This style length is 8mm-13mm.this series is special design for little eye.Before we have the store in the dubai.After some time sale,we find,some woman want to wear eyelashes to make the eye more beautiful.meanwhile,they don't want to other see the eyelashes more dramatic ,even some people,just like the teacher don't want to make more heavy makeup and don't want to other people see the longer eyelashes.So according to those people ,we creator the short 3d silk eye lashes to them.

Now more and more people want more and more natural effect.In fact the natural is the essential of the makeup.becauce so many man think the makeup aren't the light makeup are more and more popular.Some woman also don't want let other people see they have makeup.Nude make-up appear.this series lashes style is creator by this idea.


Yes,now the market have so many other eyelashes style design.but the beautiful style and the best quality can help you a more better effect.Why not choose some better to have more better effect?

There are many different series lashes for your reference.It can Satisfy your imagination of all makeup.


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Now,with the beautiful eyelashes,the beautiful package also can attractive the people eye.more and more brand have them own package with them logo and name to give the customer more heavy impression.

Yumenglashes are the lashes factory ,but so many people buy the lashes from us,meanwhile also want the we find a very professional package factory to cooperate and provided the customer more complete product to more better help the customer do well.

There are some beautiful package for your reference,pls check.If you want to have your own,pls contact us .