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Online,so many customer named the silk lashes and synthetic eyelashes is fake eyelashes.Because the eyelashes are imitate 3d mink lashes effect.but the material aren't the real called fake.In fact,the effect of the fake eyelashes is very similar with the mink eye lashes.even from the one side to see,the 3d layer and curves more better than the 3d mink false eyelashes.

For the fake eyelashes,the material is lighter than the mink hair.and the hair more thin than the mink hair.when you look will looks more gentler.when you wear it.Will have more elegant feeling.In the begain.the fake eyelashes special design for people who don't want the animial hair.with the fashion increaing and change.the fake eye lashes become more and more many brand even special make a braunch to sale the fake fale eyelashes.

For the fake lashes,the material more benefit than the mink lashes.and the quality more easier to control than the mink eye lashes,because the mink hair is 100%  real hair.when make the 3d shape,it have more technology.Believe the beautiful fake eyelashes will is a new trend for the future.

If you want to do your own eyelashes business and think the best quality mink eyelashes price is a little's ok to choose the best quality fake eyelashes.For the start of the will very helpful.

If you are interested in more information about the eyelashes and want to have your own business .it's ok to contact us to get more information.In there,we will give you the most professional suggestion.

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