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Recently I saw a very popular silk eyelashes on the Internet .

There is no denying the absolute beauty and refined craftsmanship of these silk lashes!

It’s very natural and soft.

This is definitely a must buy product for love silk eyelashes lady.

I'm so happy that I can found this silk lashes.

Now I will share with you the silk eyelashes.


The silk eyelash extensions usually last longer because they are so light as well as being able to apply several natural lashes.


With the ellipse shape these silk lashes are easy to place on the natural lashes.Silk eyelashes have a beautiful sheen that makes them "pop" on the clients eyes.


As silk lashes are lighter in weight, silk eyelashes are often a much better option for your lashes if your own ones are weak or fine.

Our one customer said “I absolutely love the ellipse lashes! How soft and flexible they are which helps with retention as well

Do you want to get more different 3D invisible band mink lashes?


No problem!  There are hundreds of styles for you to choose.

100% SILK Lashes provides the most natural looking lashes.


Long Lasting - On average 20 process per lash.


Hand-made cotton thread band for easy application.


Permanent silk eyelashes allows for comfortable and lightweight wear.


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Do you want do your own brand for 3D invisible band mink fur lashes?


Easy! Tell us your idea, our designer can help you!


Custom box are also acceptable!!!

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Time! Time! Time! We'll use the fastest express to put the mink fur lashes into your hand safety.

Dear, Your success is our goal, your difficulty is our responsibility.  

Hope our sincerity and profession can create more opportunities for you!

Milanda is your trustable  partner together to explore bigger market!

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