3D Naked Band Eyelashes

Synthetic Eyelashes

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So many customer told with us.they said the synthetic lashes style in the markethas been very old and little supplier can launch the new beautiful series.So according to the customer feedback,our designer design the new series.

In fact,the synthetic lashes also have some different name.just as the faux mink lashes and the silk lashes.in the begain to designer this style.just beause some people don't like the anmial hair and also want the 3d effect.so we launch this series.so the real feature of 3d silk lashes is same as the mink lashes.it's have different curves and just as our own eyelashes.every pair lashes can perfect fusion with our own lashes.G902-5

So this new launch series are more similar with the 3d mink lashes effect,but the material also the same as the before silk lashes.If you are interested and want to expand more big market.we believe this series will very suitable.