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Best Natural Fake Eyelashes 3D Naked Band Mink Fur Lashes TD23--'Finland'

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When you wear a pair of clear band mink fur lashes, you could want to know the safety. 

Our 3D naked band mink lashes material are pure natural materials and 100% CRUELTY-FREE! 

We ensure all our mink lashes were no smell, no shedding!

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Natural styles with daily life.

This styles mink lashes is very simple and suitable for your daily life for shopping, drink coffee or visiting your old friends, that’s all the good choose for your make-up!

Clear band real mink fur lashes can make your eyes more natural beautiful. That isn’t affect you pursuit perfection.

3d mink lashes wholesale

Our staff from selecting to processing are every strict, every pair naked band mink fur lashes are pure hand made and they are all beautiful art work for ous.

Do you want to get more different 3D invisible band mink lashes?

No problem!  There are hundreds of styles for you to choose.

Beauty is priceless for every lady!

With the improvement of living standards today, more and more customer pursuit very real lashes which can let them to enjoy their work and daily life !

“I own a few pair but Doha is my go to everyday lash. Very natural looking. 

People always ask me what kind of mascara I use” Yes a good quality mink lashes are essential in your life. It’s just like your friends,family...

Not the very expensive is the best, It's best only when it fits you !!!

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Email: candice@yumenglashes.com

Do you want do your own brand for 3D invisible band mink fur lashes?

Easy! Tell us your idea, our designer can help you!

Custom box are also acceptable!!!

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Time! Time! Time! We'll use the fastest express to put the mink fur lashes into your hand.

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As a high-fashion leader of 3d naked mink fur lashes , Our mission is to develop the most natural eyelashes ! 

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