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Happy new year for everyone,For the new year will have the more better opportunity.So today will show the mink lashes cruelty free for the people who want to start your own business or expand your brand.For the last year,the 25mm lashes are very popular in the market.In 2021,the people will pay more attention on the natural,special and health.

Many people's impression of false eyelashes is still relatively thick and exaggerated. They think that sticking false eyelashes will appear unnatural, but it is not. Now many false eyelashes are made very lifelike, only on the basis of the original eyelashes are lengthened, wearing false eyelashes will not appear unreal, still look very natural, eyes are more God, eye makeup is also more in place.


In the end of the last year,we launch the half series,Very popular in the market.so many big brand also use this series to expand the brand,So that's why we said this is the new opportuity.If you are interested in more beautiful eyelashes and want to have more idea about make the lashes business.It's ok to contact us direclty.We will give you more informtaion about it.



If you want to see more beautiful eyelashes and see the newest eyelashes style,It's ok to follow us on the instagram.@yumenglashes.We will update the style everyday.

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Do you also consider about it?Look!!!So many makeupartist and brand use our lashes to make more better effect.It's ok to see more picture on the instagram.More and more beautiful are borning.Do you want to have your own??Hurry up!!There are thousands of style for your choose,then you can choose the best suitable to have own best effect.


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