3D Naked Band Eyelashes

Prefect Curves for Invisible Band 3D Mink Lashes TD16--'Arendal'

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Are you still in bother that you can not draw your favorite eyeliner?

Through long and unremitting efforts,Invisible band eyelashes has finished!

Then we will lead you to learn more about the invisible band eyelashes.

best brand false eyelashes

We use 100% cruelty-free real mink hairs for every pair 3D mink fur lashes. 

We pay more attention to produce technique, When produce our products every of our workers need to put the hairs one by one...

natural looking fake eyelashes

Very natural mink lashes, prefect curves and invisible band can make your eye more beautiful !!!

wispies ardell

your eyes,you can draw any color eyeliner. We use unique technology, So,The 3D mink lashes are perfect for day or night, light or heavy make-up...It can instantly make your eyes more charming ...

workers .png

We have more beautiful Invisible band eyelashes.

Different style for you to choose...

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