3D Invisible Band Eyelashes

3D Naked Band Mink Fur Lashes

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Why make the naked band lashes?Now more and more woman like the Nude make-up.They want them makeup more natural .no need the eyeliner.So we launch the 3D  Naked Band Mink Fur Lashes.the lashes band are naked .when you wear it,just like wear nothing.


 If you want try, all the 3D mink fur lashes styles can be made into invisible band...

The 3D  Naked Band Mink Fur Lashes style effect also same as the 3d mink lashes,just the band are different.every pair lashes also can perfect fusion with our own eyelashes.


If you have any idea abou the 3D  Naked Band Mink Fur Lashes,Welcome to email us.we will answer asap.


Different makeup with different eyelashes style.Our designer design many beautiful style.

Are you still find the more natural mink 3d invisible band lashes?

Cogratulation!We believe you find a right supplier.Yumenglashes only provided the customer the best quality and natural lashes.


Email: candice@yumenglashes.com


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Every worker has more than 5years experience.they have them special appreciation of the beauty。

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