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Real Mink Lashes Wholesale Clear Band Mink Fur Lashes TD30--'Lahti'

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The pursuit of perfection is the ideal of everyone.

Fashion item like the mink fur lashes successfully became the darling of the love of beauty.

The invisible band lashes is more popular.

“ how to choose a good clear band eyelash” has became a big problem in people's mind.

Now I'll give you show some beauty and inexpensive invisible band eyelashes.

Real mink lashes wholesale, The different design make the clear band eyelashes look more clever, not rigid.

The invisible band eyelashes is suitable for natural makeup, quietly elegant professional makeup , and elegant dinner makeup.

This 3d mink lashes with clear band will make you look more beautiful and natural.

Durability of the invisible band eyelash is long.

You can wear the clear band eyelashes for a long time whether it is day or night.

so many kinds of packages for you to choose from,

Are you willing to design your own brand for your invisible band mink fur lashes?

It’s too easy! Tell us your idea, our designer can be help you!

Beautiful Packing Designs

Do you want to get more different 3D invisible band mink lashes?

No problem!  There are hundreds of styles for you to choose.

Beauty is priceless for every lady!

With the improvement of living standards today, more and more customer pursuit very real lashes which can let them to enjoy their work and daily life !!!


Not the very expensive is the best, It's best only when it fits you !!!


Have you found the styles which are very suitable for you?



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As a high quality company to product quality requirement, we promise will give you high quality products.

You like of invisible band lashes is the affirmation of the work to us.

If you did not know how to choose style of the clear band eyelash, tell us your request, we will recommend suitable eyelash to you.

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