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Private Label Mink Fur Strip Eyelashes Best Invisible Band Lashes TD15--'Hameenlinna'

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clear band eyelashes

100% mink fur 3D clear band lashes are coming. It is soft, fluffy and more natural.

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Special technology, high quality nylon thread, make the invisible band more comfortable and easy to apply.

the best false eyelashes

In previous time, the invisible band is used for hand tied eyelashes. The hairs is tied on the band, so the effect is not very good. However we use a special glue, it is nontoxic, no any hurt to your health.

Do you want to get more styles of our 3D naked band mink fur eyelashes? Come here, there are hundreds of styles for you to choose!

One of our customer say

<So these are actually one of my favorite pairs of lashes! They are just so fluffy and full and they literally create my eyeshape! 

They are slightly different each time because of the fact they are mink, but each one never disappoints. 

These are such high quality lashes that I would definitely recommend for any eye shape! >


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More and more people want to do their own brand. The brand effect is very important!

However, our designer can help you to do the packaging with your own logo. If you have any idea, just tell us, we can demand all your requirements.

Time! Time! Time! We'll use the fatest express to put the mink fur lashes into your hand safetly.

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