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Natural Looking False Eyelashes 3D Clear Band Eyelashes TD22--'Uppsala'

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What kinds of lashes style do you prefer?

Naturally? Soft? Gorgeous? Clear band?

A newest 3D Invisible band mink lashes can help you achieve!!!

premium mink lashes

Beauty is every woman's nature, the woman also have rights and capital. The key to choose a suitable clear band eyelashes.

These lashes are made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live animals from Siberian,Russia.

lilly mink lashes

We focus on product development, meet the requirements for every customers’ demand. So our 3D Invisible band 100 mink lashes are coming..  

This is an Internet Age, the one who react to the newest styles quickly, the one who can occupy market in soon time and become the fashion leader. Others are all followers!

Do you want to get more different 3D invisible band mink lashes?

No problem!  There are hundreds of styles for you to choose.

Beauty is priceless for every lady!

With the improvement of living standards today, more and more customer pursuit very real lashes which can let them to enjoy their work and daily life !!!

“I use these when I am going to a special event since they add some drama 

but are not to over the top. they last forever as long as you take care of them”--- one of our customer share their felling after used our lashes.

Not the very expensive is the best, It's best only when it fits you !!!

Have you found the styles which are very suitable for you?

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Do you want do your own brand for 3D invisible band mink fur lashes?

Easy! Tell us your idea, our designer can help you!

Custom box are also acceptable!!!

Time! Time! Time! We'll use the fastest express to put the mink fur lashes into your hand.

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As a high-fashion leader of 3d naked mink fur lashes , Our mission is to develop the most natural eyelashes ! 

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