3D Invisible Band Eyelashes

Pure Hand Made 3D Invisible Band Eyelashes TD17--'Sweden'

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As a beauty ladies, you always seek to natural beauty.

In order to make your beauty more natural ,We push out 3D invisible band lashes.

Let's open the beautiful journey together...

best false eyelashes for asian eyes

Pure handmade mink fur eyelash extension , Our lashes are used cruelty-free and sterilized mink hairs.

eye lashes mink

If you like thick eyelashes ,TD17 invisible band eyelashes is very suitable for you ! We can provide the best lashes design to meet any look a lady is looking for.

false lashes for small eyes

Prefect curve.It can make your eyelashes looks more natural.If you want other curve or different length ,We can customized design according to your eye shape and help you achieve the look you desire.

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We have more beautiful Invisible band eyelashes.

Different styles for you to choose.

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