3D Invisible Band Eyelashes

Fluffy and Very Soft 100% mink Fur 3D Clear Band Lashes TD20--'Gothenburg '

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“ What material is your invisible band?,Why is so soft?Your glue is very good!” --- From our customer’s email.

Some customer asked our the same question. Let us answer the question one by one.

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With emphasis!!!

Our product is 100% mink fur 3D clear band lashes . Mink hairs are the very soft and similar with our own lashes. Yes, that’s the best choose for 3d MINK FUR LASHES!

It is soft, fluffy and more natural...

velour lashes

After hundreds of test for the naked band material we choose the albumen glue, a special and new lash band, which are very comfortable and easy to apply.

mink lashes

All of our lashes are put the glue at both ends on the lashes, that’s very easily to take out and suitable to wear.

We are dedicated to making every detail perfect...

Have a try, we are sure you will love it !

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