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A pair of 3d mink eyelashes achieve a love story.

Valentine's Day is coming. Let's tell you a story about Valentine's Day happened to my good friend last year.

Sarah is my girlfriend,Valentine's Day is here. We want to be single and we can't treat ourselves wrongfully.So she decided to go to the seaside for a holiday.

Before She went on vacation, I sent him several pairs of eyelashes as a gift. And hope it can have a happy journey.

Then,she go to vocation with yumeng 3d mink eyelashes.She told me she make a beautiful makeup and wear our lashes to swimming.After swimming,the makeup and lashes is still perfect.in this time,she also meet her love man.then..then the men has become her boyfriend.

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Yes,as you think,the yumenglashes are waterproof.no worry the lashes style will out of the shape.

Do you also want to have beautiful lashes make your more charming and meet your love people?

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Welcome to try the yumeng 3d mink eyelashes.Every pair invisible mink lashes are all with natural curve which are perfect with our own lashes....

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Do you want to get more different 3D invisible band false eyelashes ?

No problem!  there are hundreds of styles for you to choose.

Do you interested in more beautiful yumeng 3d mink eyelashes for different makeup?

Pls contact us,we will show you more beautiful style.


Email: candice@yumenglashes.com

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