3D Clear Band Eyelashes

Best Brand of Fake Eyelashes invisible Band False Eyelashes TD29--'Oulu'

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Are you still in trouble for the safety of the invisible band false eyelashes

Don’t worry about that.

We made a non-toxic clear eyelash false eyelash for you.

We use natural mink, without any chemical reagents.

Clear band eyelashes,

Let you enjoy the beautiful at the same time ensure the safety of the eyes.

The invisible band eyelashes are using 3D design, make the eye more bright and attractive.

The mink eyelashes its curvature is very beautiful!!

Each pair of the clear band eyelashes can be reused.

The invisible eyelashes used the best glue, no shedding, in order to make the mink individual eyelashes more beautiful. Workers will have to make every pair in different curves. It Looks like really eyelashes!

This kinds of the clear band eyelashes look natural and sweet.,which is suitable for the lady who like natural make-up.

If you want to be a bit more dense, we also have.

Dear lady, look here.

Different thickness to satisfy you the demand of different makeup look.

There is always one is you need.


Email: ada@yumenglashes.com

There are too many similar styles, or thick or thin , or long, or short, or sexy,or natural,

Are you willing to design your own brand for your invisible band mink fur lashes?

It’s too easy! Tell us your idea, our designer can be help you!

As a high quality company to product quality requirement, we promise will give 

you high quality products.

You like of invisible band lashes is the affirmation of the work to us.

If you did not know how to choose style of invisible band eyelash, tell us your request, we will recommend suitable eyelash to you.

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