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The Best False Eyelashes Reusable Eyelashes Clear Band Eyelashes TD09--'Frederikshavn'

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After hundreds of tests, Our clear band 3D mink lashes have been developed successfully!!!


The most seamless look that any pair of lashes can achieve!


Yes,your eyeliner can have more choice now.


Have you been looking for a long time for the clear band LASHES?

Each procedure is purely hand-made,

Very strict requirements for every mink hairs,

Every worker is selected carefully from above 5 years experienced ...

good false eyelashes

Wispy styles suitable for the wedding,event or any party, that’s style will add extra glam to your look without being over powering !


clear band lashes

So Glamorous real mink fur lashes with velvet-like appearance, soft band, light weight and only one pairs can use up to 20-25 times.

YES every time is prefect to wear! Also the clear band can last forever as long as you take care of them

false eyelashes clear band

Only the customer who wore our 3D mink fur lashes will know only the 3D feel can perfect fusion with our own lashes, will never over the top and when you wear the Siberia mink lashes just need to minor trimming that’s will very suitable for your eye shape!

Have a try, you’re sure to love it.

Do you want to get more different 3D clear band mink lashes?

No problem!  there are hundreds of styles for you to choose. 

Beauty is priceless for every lady!

With the improvement of living standards today, more and more customer pursuit very real lashes which can let them to enjoy their work and daily life !!!

There have customers worn our cotton band for TD09 before, she said “They are so easy to apply & feel like nothing on my eyes! The important is very suitable for my eyes, The other lashes are very heavy , but this styles is very

difference and I am very satisfied with it.Love love love ”

I think I can feel the happy when she get the lashes which are very suitable for her to wear,even the lashes she has seeking for a long time... the happy could not be described in words.

Not the very expensive is the best, It's best only when it fits you !!!

Have you found the styles which are very suitable for you?


Email: candice@yumenglashes.com

Do you want do your own brand for 3D INVISIBLE BAND mink fur lashes?

Easy! Tell us your idea, our designer can help you!

Custom box are also acceptable!!!

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As a high-fashion leader of 3d naked mink fur lashes , Our mission is to develop the most natural eyelashes ! 

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