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product descriptionMeet so many customer one day.Also have so many retail customer.What't the different of the eyelashes.

1. False eyelashes can be divided into: mechanism eyelashes / pure manual eyelashes, which kind of added value is self-evident. 2. Many eyelashes are manufactured in China by OEM, some need to be labeled, some need to be delivered directly without a license, and the finished products are packaged abroad. So it's very important to be able to clean eyelashes. You are lucky to choose the tail products of foreign eyelashes or similar domestic brands. 3. According to the second visible, choose eyelashes do not have to see the brand, mainly depends on the style and workmanship. Export products have high quality requirements, including the similarity of each pair, the fineness of each eyelash, and whether they pass the quarantine standards and health standards of the importing country. 4. According to the material, there are domestic fiber, imported fiber, real hair, feather, paper, plastic, cloth and so on. Of course, with the progress of science and technology and the development of fashion industry, it is constantly updated. How to choose to wear comfortable, good quality and inexpensive eyelashes? Let me talk about it: Daily eyelashes can be roughly divided into the following types: 1 Hair is tied up one by one: its material is similar to the fishing line we usually use. It is characterized by transparent, traceless, suitable for naked makeup and good shape. The disadvantage is that it is more flexible and elastic. The eyelash glue needs to be super sticky. If the glue is not good, it is not easy to fall off. If it is not worn well, it is easy to tie the eyelids. Especially, it is better to cut the two ends to be slightly shorter than your own eyelashes It is widely used for cutting and wearing in sections

2. Silica gel transparent stem, which is soft and easy to wear. The eyelashes are glued on and inlaid inside. It's not as hard as the plastic transparent stem; the disadvantage is that it's thicker, but some MM like it very much. It has the effect of double eyelid after wearing it well.

3. cotton stalks, the most common, stems are cotton sewing thread similar to those used for everyday use. Eyelashes are also tied up one by one. The advantage is that they are comfortable, comfortable and light. The bad thing is that they need to draw eyeliner with color, and because the soft wearing is not very obedient, this technology is widely applied.

4. The black stem of cotton thread is characterized by more cotton thread, but eyelashes are inlaid one by one, which is related to eyelash materials. This eyelash is a real hair mink hair, with a sharp tip on one side, so this process is adopted. The advantage is comfortable and stylish, but thicker; this process is common in high-end eyelashes

5. Plastic black stem: this kind is more plastic, eyelashes are glued and pressed one by one, mostly used for three trees series. Because wool is also made of plastic, mixed into one. The advantage is that the whole eyelashes are not easy to deform, dark thick, but hard, can open the eyes

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