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How fluffy lashes do you want?I tried to ask so many customer about this question.Some customer that they come from north american,they told me she want very fluffy lashes.they think more curves with more better effect.Then looks more charming.Some customer that they come from mid east,they told me them want very natural looking eyelashes.

Yes,just as you see,different market have different popular style.and different area have different appreciation of the beauty.So There don't have standard for the beauty.Just like the love,There are ten thousand lovers in the eyes of ten thousand people。But believe you also want to find the suitable eyelashes style。It's ok to tell us your idea about the look that you want.

Then we will show you some suitable effect for you.Meanwhile we don't ask minimum order quantity.It's ok to order little to try by yourself,then you will find which one are best suitable for you.

More information,It's ok to contact me.




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