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High quality false eyelashes, material is the most important. False eyelashes are composed of hair and stem, so its hair is the most visible part of the appearance. Good material is comparable to real eyelashes.Now in the maket,two matiral are very popular,It's mink hair eyelashes and synthetic eyelashes.Let's see The certain of those two material.

1. Animal hair

In short, animal hair is made from the hair extracted from the animal body into false eyelashes. Compared with the fiber eyelashes, it is more messy, but because it is extracted from the animal body, it is very similar to the human body's own hair, with a little oil and luster. Different animal hair has different stiffness and waterproof degree. Mink hair has its own natural curling, which is very close to our real eyelashes, but the curling degree will decrease in water. Horse hair is relatively stiff, waterproof effect is good, but the softness is slightly weak. Fox hair and bird hair are mostly used for stage performance, often used to modify those exaggerated eye makeup.

2. Artificial wool

Synthetic eyelashes are our most commonly used false eyelashes, which are made of synthetic and woven chemical fibers. Its hair quality is slightly heavy, and it is easy to collapse its eyelashes after makeup. The false eyelashes made of protein fiber are much softer than those made of synthetic fiber, with certain curling degree and shape, light material, and will not collapse the eyelashes. Fiber eyelashes it's relatively weak water absorption, so water is not easy to deformation. When burned, it gives off a smell of plastic, and then forms hard small pieces. In the selection of fiber eyelashes, also need to know whether its hair is sharpened. Sharpened false eyelashes give people a higher degree of refinement and simulation, while those without sharpening seem to have been cut off.

How to test?

1. When scalded with hot water, mink hair is easy to deform, but fiber hair is not easy to deform.

2. After burning, mink hair has the smell of burning hair, and after burning, it is kneaded into powder by hand. The fiber has the smell of burning plastic, and after burning, it looks like a knot in one's heart.

3. Mink hair is made into a single close row, without fiber neat.

4. The scales of mink hair can be seen under the microscope. There are scales of mink hair, but there are no fibers

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