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So many customer are very curious How to graft eyelashes.Today will show some process for you.

First, the personal appearance of the eyelash beautician. First of all, the eyelash beautician's clothes should be dressed neatly, which can be replaced by labor clothes. Long hair must be tied up to prevent it from hitting the customer's face. Masks must be worn. When we communicate with customers, we should prevent saliva from splashing around. Secondly, we should prevent breath from hitting the newly made eyelashes. Otherwise, the root of eyelashes will turn white where there is glue.

Second, the placement of tools. Before operating for customers, the eyelash teacher must prepare the tools needed in advance, put it in a trolley or eyelash box, where the eyelash teacher can handle it with his hand. It is forbidden to get up and get away from the goods during the operation for customers.

Third, disinfection. After the customer lies down, we put the Baotou towel on the customer's forehead to cover the customer's eyebrows. The function of Baotou towel is to cover the customer's forehead and prevent direct contact with the customer's skin. Before the formal operation, the eyelash surgeon should first disinfect the hands with professional hand disinfectant, and then disinfect the tools. In the process of disinfection, the customer will wait for a while, so the eyelash beautician can tell the customer that the hand and tools are being disinfected, so that the customer feels that the shop is more professional.

Fourth, remove makeup and clean eyelash root. If the customer comes here with eye makeup, the eyelash beautician must first remove the makeup for the customer, and remove the makeup with oil-free products, such as makeup remover or cotton pad. After removing makeup, start cleaning eyelashes. When cleaning, wet the dust-free cotton with eyelash cleaning solution, and gently wipe the oil and dust on the eyelash root and skin. Because there is a certain amount of water in the cleaning solution, you must dry it with a hair dryer after wiping.

Fifth, paste eye and straighten out. After cleaning, separate the customer's eyelashes with eye mask. Make sure to cover the lower eyelashes completely to prevent the customers from sticking them up and down. After the eye paste, straighten your eyelashes with your lashes comb.

Sixth, selection and grafting. According to the length of the customer's eyelashes, choose the false eyelashes about 1 / 3 longer than the customer's own eyelashes. Before grafting, we should use eyelash treatment solution to treat false eyelashes first, and then start grafting. There are several points in grafting; Each false eyelash is connected to a real eyelash. The glue of false eyelash is 1 / 3 of the whole eyelash. It is placed on the left and right sides of the real eyelash, 0.3 ~ 0.5mm away from the skin. After grafting, keep a certain distance from the next eyelash to avoid adhesion.

Seventh, check and blow dry. After grafting, first of all, the eyelash beautician should check whether the shape and number of the two eyes are consistent. Is there a false eyelash sticking to several real eyelashes? If so, separate them in time. If there is no problem, dry it with a hair dryer.

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