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Authentic Mink Lashes.what's the standard of the authentic mink lashes?

We can see so many different mink lashes in the market and even see so many same picture in different supplier store.As the customer and don't realized more information.How to see the different?

Now so many customer have those own idea to seee.Some customer will let the supplier to take the video to see the real effect from the video.Yes, this is a very intelligent method .But use this method,we also can't ensure the quality of the video.Because of only from the video,We only can see the shape of the eyelashes style.but can't test the quality.

The other method is the customer will order sample to try and test.this is a very very good method.When we talk with our customer,we also suggest them to order sample to see.because use this method,We can see the real product.of course,we need to pay some charge for the test.But this method also can't ensure the quality of the bulk order lashes is same as the sample lashes.

If you want to pay long time cooperate and has been try the sample lashes.We suggest you can give some supplier two or three time cooperate opportunity.Then see how is the real quality.then make the bulk order .In the process,We don't suggest to make big quantity.just small quantity is ok.

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