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Today,Let's see the 100 Siberian Mink Eyelashes style--T002.Yes,if you follow us long time or see our website before,Will know this is  a new series that before don't have.For this series,So many customer think 25mm lashes very longer and the normal length's length don't enough.So we launch this series.In the last year,So many customer use this series lashes get very good effect.

Same as before normal length eyelashes,this series lashes also have very good 3d effect and curves.For this series material,we also have the adjust,we use a more soft and more easier to shape eyelashes hair.before make the final decision of the material ,we also test so many other material that we see in the market.Then choose this material in the final.Only use the word to said how better is it.No people can feel it,If you really interested,we suggest you can have a try by yourself in person.

That's also why we suggest all of our customer try the sample lashes first.Even you want to order 10000 pair one time,We also suggest you can have a try first.because only this way,it can help you find the best suitable eyelashes style to help you attractive more better market effect in the future sale.Meanwhile,not only our lashes,it's also ok to try other factory eyelashes,only compare,then you will how is the different.then can find more advantage of the eye lashes.


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